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What If I Told You Attracting And Keeping Clients
Need Not Be So Difficult?

The most important business skill to master is marketing.

Nothing will impact your business more than finally understanding what it takes to attract more of the right people in through your doors.

I want to teach it to you in under three hours and for less than the price of a cup of coffee.

Just some of what you'll learn...

  • How a simple tweak to the way you write your emails will have your clients not only opening your emails, but replying to them and begging you for an appointment...
  • Why the client often isn't right and why some of your existing clients should be shown the door for good and be looked after by somebody else... seriously.
  • Why you don't need to spend thousands on your marketing to attract your ideal client, and what you need to do to make sure you'll be the obvious choice for your dream client every time.

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Who is Ryan Power?

Ryan is a salon coach, speaker, podcast host and self confessed marketing geek.

With wife Hollie, Ryan owns leading UK coaching and mentorship community Salonology, helping thousands of salon owners to achieve their dreams.

They also owned their own successful and multi award winning day spa in Bournemouth for more than a decade - before selling it so they could concentrate on helping other business owners.

Ryan's book, The Customer Is Always Right and 7.5 Other Outdated Myths, was a #1 Amazon best seller is no fewer than seven different categories on the week it launched.

You can now grab a copy by just paying for the postage and packaging.
Not Normal Business Advice
This isn't your average business book.

It's straight talking and filled with real life strategies which are proven to work in the marketplace today.

These ideas aren't based on fluff, but rather they've been tried and tested in our own award winning day spa and salon as well as those of hundreds of our clients, too.
  • Simple to understand and implement ideas which will get you quick results 
  • An actual real physical book (not a digital download) that you can read in under three hours 
  • Written specifically for the hair and beauty industry with examples you'll relate to 
  • ​Five star average rating on Amazon - this is the real deal
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Remember, you just pay for the postage and packaging. I've already purchased the book for you and am ready to send it to you. Limited to the next 100 books and only 1 per person.
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